September 11, 1950 (21st Parliament, 3rd Session)


Donald Methuen Fleming

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Fleming:

I do not propose to weary the committee with a long argument or repeat what I said this afternoon in connection with a similar section in another bill, but I do urge the minister to consider reducing this period. He has referred to certain things this evening, notably the fact that he does not necessarily propose to put this legislation into effect immediately. There is also a great area within the scope of the bill in connection with which the minister has reached no decision as yet as to the extent to which power may be exercised. For these reasons it seems to me that it is desirable that this legislation should come back to the house before the expiration of the time limit provided in section 5.
If this section is passed it means in effect that parliament will not have this matter before it within two years. It seems to me that the various factors I have mentioned and others that have arisen during the debate make it desirable that parliament should have some closer contact with the administration of this act and the results of that administration than the two-year period provides. Therefore, I urge the minister to shorten the period provided in this section.
There is a second point which I raised also this afternoon on Bill No. 5. I do not think an address is the proper method of extending the life of legislation of this kind because it deprives hon. members of the opportunity that the normal procedure of a bill gives them to discuss the matter at various stages instead of its being left to a sudden decision after a discussion at only one stage in the proceedings.

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