September 11, 1950 (21st Parliament, 3rd Session)


Donald Methuen Fleming

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Fleming:

In section 2 there are four definitions or what purport to be four definitions. They concern the expressions "charge account", "consumer goods", "conditional sale contract", and "sold at retail". Of those four expressions three are given a definition in this section. However, "consumer goods" is not given any definition in the section. It is simply provided in section 2 (b) that "consumer goods" means "any goods or class of goods declared by the governor in council to be consumer goods for the purposes of this act". The minister has given some indication of the difficulties with which he is faced

in trying to draft legislation that will make it clear to what classes of goods the act will apply. Nevertheless I think he will agree that this lack of definition is most unsatisfactory; and the committee is entitled to as clear a statement as the minister can possibly give as to the kind of goods to which it is to apply. For example, questions have been asked about some classes of building materials, quite apart from installation in homes; and anything that is chattel property as distinguished from real property appears to be within the possible scope of this provision.

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