September 11, 1950 (21st Parliament, 3rd Session)


Ellen Louks Fairclough

Progressive Conservative

Mrs. Fairclough:

Mr. Chairman, I hope the minister will take into consideration the situation in which many families find themselves today because of the housing shortage in some of our more crowded municipalities. I am sure he is familiar with it. They formerly rented apartments, but are no longer able to find them, and are forced to purchase homes at prices far in excess of what they would normally be able to carry. Consequently, they carry large mortgages on those homes. Many of these homes are in outlying districts or new districts, and the people are carrying a large burden in local improvement taxes. Many of them have moved into houses from apartments which were equipped with stoves, refrigerators, and the like, so they have all these things to put into their new homes. The burden is well-nigh intolerable. One could say that the same thing applies to an automobile because, in many instances, the people working in cities are forced to purchase homes at some distance from the towns in order to find housing. I do hope the minister will take all this into consideration in laying down the rules for this new legislation.

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