February 3, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hance James Logan


Mr. H. J. LOGAN.

Mr. Speaker, I am sure that we have all enjoyed the eloquent remarks of the hon. leader of the opposition (Mr. Foster) upon this very important question, especially that part of his remarks in reference to the promotion of judges from inferior courts to superior courts. It requires a great stretch of imagination for us to believb that in the year 1S93 the hon. gentleman who now leads the opposition was one of the cabinet ministers from the Mr. FOSTER.
province of New Brunswick. It is a well-admitted fact that the judges in a province are generally appointed on the recommendation of the cabinet ministers from that province ; and on that occasion Mr. Justice Landry, who was then a judge of the county court of the county of Kent, was promoted to a superior court judgeship on the recommendation of the present hon. leader of the opposition. And yet, Mr. Speaker, we have been to-day for a considerable length of time lectured upon the enormity of the crime of promoting judges from an inferior' court to a superior court,

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