February 3, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Graham Haggart

Conservative (1867-1942)


Mr. Speaker, as to the appointment intended to be recommended by the government under this Bill I have no objection to raise. I know the gentleman perfectly well ; he was a judge In Manitoba and afterwards became a judge of the Supreme Court of Canada. He is a gentleman against whose honour, whose integrity and whose ability, no man says a word. But that is not the question before the House at the present moment. The question before us is the consideration of this resolution. The Prime Minister seemed to be astounded by the doctrine laid down by the hon. member for South York (Mr. W. F. Maclean) as to the position the judges should occupy in this countryThe position of a judge in the old country is this : Once he receives his appointment, if it is a county court judgeship or a puisne judge ship, to follow the words of the Minister of Justice, quoted by the hon. member for South York (Mr. W. F. Maclean), he always remains so. That was the doctrine advocated by Sir John Macdonald. I have heard him impress it on this House again and again.

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