February 3, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Charles Fitzpatrick (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)



A majority of those present. The Chief Commissioner with us is the most important person. The findings of the board on all questions of fact are conclusive in all courts in this country, but on questions of law the Chief Commissioner's opinion prevails. The Chief Commissioner, -when a question is determined by the board to be one of law, has absolute control over the determination of that question.
Under these circumstances it is not necessary for me to say that it is exceedingly important that we should make a proper choice for this position. It is Important to have a man of legal training and if possible of wide judicial experience. He should also be familiar with the necessities of the country, and it is most desirable that he should be as far removed as possible from all contact with the great railway corporations. It is important that we should get a man, who has not, recently at all events, been connected as counsel with one of our railway corporations. In the light of these requirements we think vce have found a man who is prepared to accept the position, who is almost an ideal man for the place. The man to whom the position will be offered is Mr. Justice Killam, of the Supreme Court, This gentleman was educated for the bar in the province of Ontario, was called to the bar there and practised his profession in that province. He afterwards moved to the west settling in Winnipeg where he practised his profession several years, until 1S85, when the government of Sir John Macdonald appointed him to the High Court of the province of Manitoba. He then became chief justice of Manitoba and within the last two years he was promote'd to the Supreme Court of Canada of which court he is now a member. The legal profession, at all events, wall agree with me when I say that he is a man qualified in all respects, by temperament, by reason of his intellectual qualities and by reason of his judicial experience, to fulfil the duties of this important office.

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