February 3, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Charles Fitzpatrick (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)



They control the incorporation to this extent, that if the requirements of the Act are not carried out with respect to the incorporation of a company, the Railway Commissioners have power to intervene and see that the Act is complied with-to that extent only. Now speaking specifically, I may say that the board is called upon, in the first instance, after the company is organized, to see to the location of the line of railway, to control the grades, and curves, and general character of the construction; they have also the supervision over all plans, profiles and books of reference ; they are responsible for the location and construction being in accordance with the lines laid down by special Act. The board is called upon to act in the case of any omission, error or misstatement in any plan, profile or book of reference, and to correct the same; also in cases of deviation which require to be made. In adition to that, they are called upon to deal with questions of expropriation of land, with the construction of branch lines, the control of crossings and junctions, interference with navigable waters, construction and operation of telegraph and telephone lines, drainage, farm crossings, fences, gates, cattle-guards, bridges and tunnels, stations and inspection.

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