June 21, 1950 (21st Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. Courlemanche:

Progressive Conservative

1. Was any repair or construction work done to the wharf at Paspebiac, Bonaventure county, Quebec, during the fall of 1949?
2. If so, were tenders called and where were they posted?
3. What are the names of those who tendered and the amount of their respective tenders?
4. Who was awarded the contract, and at what price?
5. Has the work been accepted? If so, by what engineer?
6. Has the work been paid for in full? If so, on what date?
7. Were any extras granted over and above the contract price?
8. If so, in what amount and to whom?
9. Who supervised the work?
10. What was the unit price for each item of the contract?

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