February 2, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


George Eulas Foster

Conservative (1867-1942)


So much for the discussion on the present subject. But there was one remark dropped by my right hon. friend to which I wish to refer. He intimates that by common consent it has come to be the practice in this House not to assemble after recess until eight o'clock in the evening. If that is so, I am sorry that it is so. I think we lose half an hour of very valuable time. For my part I would much rather meet here at half past seven, which is according to the rules, and leave half an hour earlier, if either end is to be sacrificed. Last night we came here when very important estimates were up ; there was one minister ready to take his place and go on with his estimates. After a while another minister straggled in ; but for quite a while there was scarcely any gentlemen on the other side at all. I am sorry to say that our own side was sparse as well. But the government side is the side that ought to set a good example. I do not think it speaks well to the country when the important business of criticising and passing the estimates for the expenditure come up, that we should not on both sides show our own interest in the disposal of public business by being present. We were here last night, and it was a quarter past eight, or nearly so, before we got to work.

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