June 12, 1950 (21st Parliament, 2nd Session)


James Arthur Ross

Progressive Conservative

Mr. J. A. Ross (Souris):

On a matter of privilege, Mr. Speaker, I have before me the Winnipeg Free Press of Thursday, June 8, in which there is an article headed: "The wheat agreement-Mr. Howe's explanations"; and the last paragraph of that article, in the third column, reads as follows:
It is a matter of record in and out of parliament that the Conservative and C.C.F. parties were just as blind as the Liberal party to the weakness of the wheat agreement. Both the Conservative and C.C.F. parties have voted for this agreement on every occasion when it has been put to the test. . . .
That is not true, Mr. Speaker. The United Kingdom-Canada wheat agreement as such has never been voted on in this House of Commons. The agreement was sanctioned by order in council, under extension of the War Measures Act, in July, 1946. As reported at page 4833 of Hansard of August 15, 1946, I said, with respect to the present Canadian-British wheat agreement: "I am absolutely opposed to it." I stated my reasons, and quoted a portion of the Winnipeg Free Press editorial of August 1, 1946. I trust that the Free Press will make the proper correction or explanation.

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