May 24, 1950 (21st Parliament, 2nd Session)


Stuart Sinclair Garson (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)


Hon. Siuart S. Garson (Minister of Justice):

Yesterday the hon. member for Kamloops (Mr. Fulton) asked me a question in the following terms:
Has there been any examination or re-examination of the loyalty of any of the 150 persons then resident in Canada listed in the notebook found as a result of the espionage investigations of 1945 and 1946, since the trial ot Dr. Fuchs?
The notebook referred to in the hon. member's question was in fact a pocket address book, containing, as the question indicates, the names of 150 persons then resident in Canada. It formed only one item of many thousands of documents seized in the searches made in conjunction with the arrests of spy suspects in 1946. In this mass of material so seized there were many such notebooks; also desk calendars, memo pads, telephone finders, mailing lists, etc., which

contained thousands of names, addresses, telephone numbers and miscellaneous entries. All this material was carefully examined, including the notebook in question.
The list of 150 names referred to was carefully checked to ascertain which of these 150 names, if any, were those of persons who could be suspected of espionage or subversive activity. It was found that a limited number of the persons named belonged to either or both of these groups. In all such cases where positive identification proved possible, the entries were then related to and dealt with on the appropriate investigation files. As some of these investigations are still current, it will be appreciated that it would not be desirable to specify the number of persons identified.
The majority of the entries in this notebook, however, refer to professional people and others of good repute whose loyalty is beyond question.
All these investigation files have since remained extant. They, and the notebook in question, have been examined from time to time as a matter of security routine on every occasion, both before and after the trial of Dr. Fuchs, when information secured in other police investigations or from other sources indicated that such re-examination might contribute to and strengthen security measures.

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