May 10, 1950 (21st Parliament, 2nd Session)


Gordon Graydon

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Graydon:

I should like to say just a word in connection with the matter raised by the hon. member for York West. As the minister perhaps knows, negotiations have been on foot for some considerable time in connection with the lands referred to by the 55946-150
Public Lands Grants Act hon. member, and the question of the advisability of the Department of National Defence getting some other location for these rifle ranges has been raised in the House of Commons. I think the Department of National Defence has pretty well decided that when it can get a proper alternative location, it will move from the presently congested area.
, I only hope that that move will not be too long delayed. This piece of property has a considerable lakeshore frontage, and also fronts on the highway, but up to the present it has been a sort of blind spot in the development of the lakeshore area. The rifle ranges are no longer satisfactory to the military authorities because of the constantly increasing population of the area. I think the military authorities will agree that eventually some change will have to be made. All of us who come from that area are of the opinion that that change should not be held up any longer. Subject to the caution and the warnings which the hon. member for York West has sounded with respect to the method of disposal and the manner in which these lands shall find themselves under new ownership, the move should be made by the government as quickly as possible.
As the minister no doubt knows, in the metropolitan area of Toronto it is no longer a question of materials and labour; it is more a question of finding the right kind of land for building. I think this property is the right kind of land, and it will be sought after by builders generally as a preferred location. I hope there will be some expedition to this matter, because there is a great demand in that part of the country for the type of land which the Long Branch rifle range would provide. I should like to add my word to that of the hon. member for York West, who has so well placed the matter before the minister.

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