May 9, 1950 (21st Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Watson MacNaught (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Fisheries)


Mr. J. W. MacNaughl (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Fisheries):

hon. member for St. John's East was kind enough to telephone me and to send me a copy of his question. In reply thereto I wish to say that the world prices of salted codfish have remained through 1949 above wartime levels, while the prices of other primary products have had some downward adjustment. The world supply of salt codfish is still below the pre-war normal, and the people in the consuming countries are anxious to have this kind of diet. The going prices for 1950 will be determined by the output in other producing countries, such as Norway and Iceland, as well as Canada, and by the demand situation overseas during the year.
The fisheries prices support board has had and will continue to have this situation, as it may affect the Canadian salt fish trade, under the closest review. In the light of unfolding conditions and any needs that may later arise, the board will recommend to the government the course of action it believes the situation then calls for.

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