April 19, 1950 (21st Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. Marlin:

1. In 1945 the government of Canada, as part of the general proposals put before the dominion-provincial conference on reconstruction, proposed that the government establish a system of national old age pensions entirely financed and administered by the federal government and paid at the uniform rate of 55946-1081
$30 per month, regardless of means, to men and women aged seventy and over in all parts of Canada. Reference to this specific item will be found on pages 37 and 38 of the book entitled "Proposals of the Government of Canada" and commonly referred to as the green book. On page 42 of the green book, under the heading "Implementation and Financing of Old Age Pensions and Health Insurance", further reference was made to pensions payable without a means test, as follows:
"The proposed system of old age pensions payable as of right without means test to persons seventy or over would be instituted and administered by the dominion government and specific agreements with provincial governments would not be essential to its implementation.
"It is within the power of the dominion to finance its share of the combined cost of health insurance and of old age pensions out of the consolidated revenue fund with such modification of taxation as would be justified, in the opinion of parliament, by the universal benefits of health insurance and old age pensions and by the other purposes of dominion expenditure.
"There are, however, some definite advantages in terms of administrative efficiency, compliance, and popular understanding of the plans, in introducing features more specifically contributory in nature and tied up more closely with the provisions of health insurance and old age pension legislation. These additional and desirable features would be helpful in the early and effective inauguration of the plans and the dominion government asks that they be provided for in specific agreements with the provincial governments".
2. In 1945.
3. As the proposal of the federal government regarding national old age pensions was made as part of the general proposals put before the dominion-provincial conference, the replies of the provinces dealing with the general proposals embraced the proposal dealing with national old age pensions.

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