March 20, 1950 (21st Parliament, 2nd Session)


Lewis Elston Cardiff

Progressive Conservative

Mr. L. E. Cardiff (Huron Norih):

I do not
think anyone can accuse me of taking part in a filibuster, Mr. Speaker. This is the first time this session that I have risen in my place in the house to take part in a debate, and I seldom speak. I do so tonight because of the fact that this afternoon two Liberal members took up an hour of the time of this house; and if there has been a filibuster, they are also implicated in it. I think perhaps they added to that filibuster, if it is one, by trying to support the bill on the one hand and, on the other hand, by trying to talk it out. I conscientiously believe they hoped that it would be talked out.
I am one of those who believe in Canada for Canadians. I am one of those who believe that in our minds we should always have Canada first. If we are going to have a strong nation, we must build a strong Canada on a strong foundation. There is no one who does not appreciate the wonderful country south of the border. That the United States is so wonderful is explained by the fact that never at any time have United States statesmen failed to stick up for United States interests. That is why they have become so great. Because we are trying to stick up for Canada is no reason why the United States should think any the less of us.
One reason why we had so much assistance from the United States in years gone by was the fact that we did not have sufficient capital with which to develop our resources. I think the time is long past when we need to have assistance from the United States to develop our resources.
Here in Canada we are privileged in having many resources such as gas, coal and oil. As hon. members know, when gas is in the pipe line, it is ready for distribution and use. Oil must go through the refinery, but gas is ready for use. I think we should realize that British Columbia should have the first chance to

Alberta Natural Gas Company consume this gas. British Columbia has been suffering from more unemployment than any other part of Canada. As a result of the wonderful climate there in the summertime, many people migrate to British Columbia; and when autumn comes, they find themselves out of work. They then stay in British Columbia for the winter because it is so mild. That is one reason why British Columbia has so many unemployed. I happen to have a boy in British Columbia. He has never been unemployed, but there are many there who are. He tells me that the streets are lined with unemployed in the city in which he is located. If British Columbia had the opportunity of getting this gas at first cost, there is no doubt in my mind that there could be developed there industries that would provide much employment and would help a great deal to relieve unemployment in that part of the country.
I started as a farmer at the head of a family. I was the breadwinner. I had to look after my family first. All hon. members no doubt started in the same way. You did not worry so much about others as you did about your own. That was your responsibility. You had to look after your own family. After you had done that, you could look around and see what you could do for others. The same thing applied in municipal life. I started in municipal life as a councillor. When I was a councillor, I tried to look after my own ward. That was my responsibility. After serving in that capacity for several years, I was elected to the reeveship. While reeve, I had to attend county council and my mind naturally developed. As a member of the county council, it was my responsibility to look after my municipality. I had broadened to that extent. I had to see to it that the roads in my municipality received their fair share of the moneys that were spent. That was my responsibility. No one could criticize me for doing that.
Then when I came into the House of Commons, I again had to broaden my outlook and to develop my mind to look after the Dominion of Canada. That is what I am trying to do tonight. In rising in my place here in the house I am trying to look after the Dominion of Canada. I am not interested in what is south of the border. We get gas and oil from the United States; and I appreciate the fact that we can get it there. But now that we have so much of our own, why is it not possible for us to develop that gas and oil in our own country first? If we have any to export after that, then it is time enough for us to start worrying about what is south of the border.
This afternoon we heard many good speeches. I am going to refer to only one,

namely, that delivered by the leader of the opposition (Mr. Drew). It was the speech of a statesman, not of a politician.

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