April 29, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)



Well, that was a very good reason in itself. But my hon. friend must remember we have had the same difficulty in Quebec. In Quebec perhaps we have too many judges. That is the opiniou we have heard expressed on the floor of this House, and it has been expressed in the local legislature, but we have not been able to convince the local legislature that there have been too many judges. The system is growing. I think it a very good system in many ways, and it would be difficult, whei'e people have been accustomed to have one judge or two judges iu their midst, to remove them. It may be the same in Ontario. Perhaps there is not much judicial business at this time in certain localities, but there may be other localities where the county court judges have as much as they can do, and where to draw the line is a very difficult matter ; I do not think it is possible to draw the line anywhere. There must be some inconveniences and, perhaps, some mistakes, but, on the whole, as long as the local legislature has j Mr. BENNETT.
control of the establishment of the court I do not see how we can do anything but comply with their legislation, unless we are prepared to believe that they acted in bad faith. But so long as we have not that conviction, we have no discretion but to appoint the judges and to pay them.

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