March 6, 1950 (21st Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Sylvester Aloysius Sinnott


Mr. Sinnott:

Did I hear him say that I was wrong? In the cabinet we have some municipal men. The Minister of Fisheries (Mr. Mayhew) has had considerable experience. The Minister of Agriculture (Mr. Gardiner) has had some experience. I believe the Minister of Labour (Mr. Mitchell) has had considerable experience as well. There are other backbenchers on this side of the house who have had considerable experience. I will refer to the hon. member for The Battle-fords (Mr. Bater), who has had about 31 years' experience. We have the hon. member for Mackenzie (Mr. Ferrie), who has had considerable experience. There is the hon. member for Hastings South (Mr. Foil well); the hon. member for Spadina (Mr. Croll); the hon. member for Winnipeg South Centre (Mr. Maybank), who is a parliamentary assistant; the hon. member for Middlesex West (Mr. McCubbin), who is a parliamentary assistant; the hon. member for Nipissing (Mr. Garland); the great hon. member for Fraser Valley (Mr. Cruickshank); the hon. member for New Westminster (Mr. Mott); the hon. member for Lafontaine (Mr. Ratelle); the hon. member for St. Ann (Mr. Healy); the hon. member for Moose Mountain (Mr. Smith); the hon. member for Swift Current (Mr. Whiteside); and then we have the hon. member for Springfield, who served eight years as a municipal reeve, and is reeve

again, in spite of the Free Press editorials. You know, I have a new name. Now they call me two-job John. The editor of the Free Press went out on a limb so far as to call me two-job John and to point out the reason why two-job John could not handle the municipality as well as being a federal member. Well, I left it to the good taste and democracy of the county. I was asked by so many of the ratepayers of the municipality in which I live to run that I allowed my name to stand, and I came down here. I never held a political meeting of any kind, and I was elected without them. We left it entirely to the people themselves. In spite of the Free Press and its editorials we left it, as my friend from Montreal says, to true democracy and to their sound judgment. They would rather listen to someone who had served them for a number of years previously than to a crackpot editor of a newspaper.
Some hon. members on the other side of the house have said that the farmers have lost $2 million; others have said $5 million; and we are at a loss to know which figure is correct. There have been so many estimates that it is difficult to say which is the right figure. We have not yet come to the end of the contract. If there should be any loss, in view of the fact that the government has taken care of the egg producers and other producers, they should make up the loss out of the consolidated revenue fund of Canada.

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