March 6, 1950 (21st Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Sylvester Aloysius Sinnott


Mr. Sinnott:

That all depends on you.
Another project which is under way in the riding of Springfield is a $20 million power plant which is now being developed on the Winnipeg river. I take great pride in representing this riding, which is the key to all of Manitoba. In that riding is developed all the power for the whole of Manitoba, and that includes the great city of Winnipeg.
We discussed the unemployment situation here in the house for some considerable time a few days ago; and while some members regard the situation as serious, I myself do not take that attitude. Some members think that governments are a cure-all for this situation. I do not. I think that Canadians as a whole would be doing themselves a great disservice if they had in mind this idea of foisting upon the dominion and provincial governments almost the entire responsibility for handling the unemployment situation.

We must not forget that wholesale spending on giant public works is not a cure-all for unemployment. It merely takes up the slack at times, in most cases causes considerable strain on the purses of both the provincial and dominion governments, and in turn has to be met by the taxpayers themselves. If in the future we should have severe unemployment situations, and I hope we shall not, there should be more intelligent co-operative planning among the businessmen, professional men, labour leaders and ' other authorities. Planning by industry itself goes a long way to create steady employment. I believe that labour leaders can certainly help to develop and put into effect workproviding plans by giving both industry and the government the benefit of the workingman's ability and ideas. Let us not be panicky and be always looking at the black side of the picture, as this sometimes induces a hasty and unwise course of action.
A few days ago I believe the hon. member for Souris (Mr. Ross) stated that there were not many municipal men on this side of the house.

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