October 28, 1949 (21st Parliament, 1st Session)


George Alexander Drew (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. George A. Drew (Leader of the Opposition):

I believe a strong argument can be made in support of the debate being continued on the notice of motion of the 45781-78
Business of the House hon. member for Saskatoon (Mr. Knight). I do not recall any other private member's notice of motion in respect to which the Prime Minister felt he was called upon to state his position. There were many members who hoped that the fact that he did take four minutes to indicate his approval of the general purpose of the motion which was discussed on October 19 indicated that we were to hear something further on the subject which might produce positive results.
When this notice of motion was before the house I pointed out that, desirable though its purpose was, and strongly as we advocate the acceptance of the principle of the greatest possible support of education throughout the whole of Canada, this is only part of the whole relationship between the dominion and provincial governments. If we are to reach the objective which is in the minds of so many hon. members, of all the provinces being financially in a position to provide adequate standards, then there must be an agreement that goes beyond education itself.
I had hoped that when the Prime Minister saw fit to take part in the debate on the motion of the member for Saskatoon we might have some indication from him that he recognizes the importance of this matter and is prepared to meet those whom he described last night as "those dear provincial premiers". After all, "those dear provincial premiers" are the heads of governments with whom consultation will be necessary if the purpose of this motion is to be achieved.

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