October 4, 1949 (21st Parliament, 1st Session)


George Alexander Drew (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. George A. Drew (Leader of ihe Opposition):

Mr. Speaker, I wish to associate myself with the remarks of the Prime Minister (Mr.
St. Laurent) in regard to Mr. Jules Castonguay, and to express regret, which I am sure everyone will share, at his having found it necessary, because of ill health, to resign. Mr. Jules Castonguay has established a reputation not only for himself, but for our electoral system, in which all of us may share some measure of pride. I know all hon. members will join not only in extending best wishes to him for speedy recovery from his present illness, but also in expressing the hope that he may long be spared to enjoy the many associations he has made in all parts of the House of Commons, and in every section of Canada, by reason of the important responsibilities he assumed.
It does present a unique opportunity when we find that Mr. Castonguay's son, who has been associated with him, should have had the experience of executive assistant to his father in this very important work. I feel sure there will be general approval of the promotion to this office of one who, having acquired this background of experience, has demonstrated that he possesses high qualifications for the extremely responsible public position which carries with it the duty of making the electoral system of this great democracy work to the satisfaction of all our people.
Mr. Nelson Castonguay has shown himself a gallant Canadian in the service of his country in war, and has demonstrated his knowledge of the work in which he is about to engage. I trust that in the years ahead he will continue to uphold the high standards which have been established in the conduct of the business of that office.

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