April 30, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


John Lambert Gibson

Independent Liberal

Mr. Gibson (Comox-Alberni):

There is a very important principle involved. Last night I was protesting against what appeared to me to be a tremendous lack of vision on the part of the directors of our Canadian National Railways. That railway system is in the business of providing transportation and moving freight, whether it be in the form of coal, oil, gas or any other form.
The Canadian National directors are allowing this pipe line method of transportation to be laid all along their right of way. It will be in the hands of private corporations and this tremendous freight which is originating in this north country is going to provide corresponding profits. I sincerely hope that the volume of traffic will be such that the profits will be large.

I think the Canadian National directors- I would not say the Minister of Transport- have been remiss in their duties and have shown an appalling lack of vision in not having investigated this proposal very carefully. I for one, and I am sure this would apply to other hon. members, would have been glad to approve the capital required to put in these pipe lines which would have provided a tremendous amount of freight revenue.
I am tired of voting money to defray deficits. I should like to see the Canadian National look into this matter carefully before they permit private companies to lay transportation lines for gas and oil on their right of way. They and the Minister of Transport should look into the possibilities of this form of transportation being provided by the Canadian National system.

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