April 30, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


John Lambert Gibson

Independent Liberal

Mr. Gibson (Comox-Alberni):

Last night when the hon. member for Rosetown-Biggar was making a few remarks he suggested that the house had not had a complete opportunity to study this legislation owing to the pressure to have prorogation today. I wonder if hon. members have had an opportunity of studying the implications inherent in the transportation of gas and oil?
Hon. members will have noted that last night I supported a C.C.F. amendment. I would not like to leave the house without availing myself of the opportunity of correcting an impression there might be that I had finally recanted and turned socialist. Nothing could have been farther from my mind.
To my mind a socialist vote represents support for the principles which they propound. Their first act on coming into power would be the complete removal from private hands of the means of production. I assure the committee that I support no such principle. That principle is propounded by the gentleman who is running provincially in my riding. If my hon. friends would care to repudiate him I would be quite glad to take that word back home.

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