April 7, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


Arthur Leroy Smith

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Smith (Calgary West):

The minister has told us that the deputy minister of justice is of the opinion, or that he has the opinion of the deputy minister, that this action is within the purview of the statute.
I suggest that the Minister of Justice will not agree with that, and I doubt very much if the deputy minister of justice ever gave such an opinion. Therefore I would like to see the opinion. I have the greatest respect in the world for Mr. Varcoe's opinion, but I do not
think he ever gave any opinion, as expressed to the committee now by the minister as having come from the deputy minister of justice. The mere fact that he is a director is not important; he is a director of many things, and does not even attend meetings, because he has too many things to do.
I should like to know who it was that, as a lawyer, gave the opinion that this expenditure was within the power of the government under the statute creating the corporation.

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