April 7, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


Mr. Gardiner: (Minister of Agriculture)


1. Under order in council P.C. 5488, potatoes grown in the province of Prince Edward Island and in the counties of Carleton, Victoria and Madawaska, and the Hazen Settlement of Restigouche county in the province of New Brunswick, are eligible for sale to the
agricultural prices support board at a price of $1.15 per 100 pounds in the bin. Therefore potatoes grown in other parts of Canada are not eligible for sale to the board.
2. With this price available, growers in the defined area need not sell their potatoes at a lower price. Since nearly all the surplus commercial potatoes grown in the eastern provinces are in the defined area, the effect of the price support program is to enable growers in other areas to sell their potatoes on the market at the equivalent of the support price. This effect extends equally to Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and those parts of New Brunswick which are not within the defined price support area.
3. It is not considered feasible or necessary to enlarge the area in which the board will purchase potatoes. Moreover, there is every reason to expect that potatoes originating outside the defined support area will bring on the market at least the equivalent of the support price within the area.

Subtopic:   NOVA SCOTIA
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