April 6, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


Brooke Claxton (Minister of National Defence)


Mr. Claxton:

Mr. Chairman, so that thi record may be straight, I have just looke< through the proceedings of the committee a recorded in Hansard when the committee las sat on this estimate and, so far as I know during the sitting of that committee I wa not asked any question that has not bee: answered. If I am wrong in that I shall b very glad to have the fact drawn to m; attention. The one objection I made ti answering any question was made to a ques tion put on the order paper which ha< already been dealt with by the house, submit that further discussion of that is ou of order.
In answer to my hon. friend's question a to how this money has been spent, I will sa; that not a cent of it has been spent. I repea that not a cent of it has been spent. We ar coming here to get authority to make th expenditure. We seek that authority for th following main items, divided among the dif ferent services: to the imperial war grave commission, for the care and maintenance c graves of the second world war, additions payment of $127,583; for the navy, for wag and salary increases to civil servants am hourly rate increases of rate paid to the corp

of commissionaires, as well as recent increases in pay and allowances for service personnel, $1,995,000; in the army, provision for increased rates of pay for civilian and service personnel, and to cover further provision of cash for completion of married quarters units over our current commitment that was provided, $14,500,000; for the air force, overhauling aircraft, $3,000,000; making a total of $19,622,583.

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