April 6, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


William Henry Golding (Deputy Chair of Committees of the Whole)


The Deputy Chairman:

Order. The question of setting up a committee does not come in here at all. I think I should now read to the hon. member the rules as they appear in Beauchesne's Parliamentary Rules and Forms, third edition, at page 178, citation 480:
480. The only motion allowed, when a resolution is under consideration in committee of supply, is that the amount be reduced or that the chairman leave the chair (either without making a report or to report progress on certain resolutions). (Can. Deb., 1916, Vol. Ill, p. 2772.)
Each resolution can only be dealt with by being agreed to, reduced, negatived, superseded, or, by leave, withdrawn, and the withdrawal can be made although the decision of the committee has been taken upon amendments proposed to the resolution. Here, the power of the committee ceases. M. 531. It is not allowable to attach a condition of an expression of opinion to a vote or to change the destination of a grant. B. 428.
I must ask the hon. member to be good enough to deal with the item that is before the committee.

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