April 6, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


Mr. Isnor:


1. Have the Nova Scotia Fruit Growers' Association, the Nova Scotia Apple Marketing Board, the Nova Scotia government, any department of the Nova Scotia government, any representative group or individuals made representations to the government, during the present year, for assistance in connection with the Nova Scotia apple industry?
2. If so, did those making representations state that they were satisfied with the assistance given during the past several years?
3. What assistance, if any, was given in the following periods (a) 1930 to 1935: (b) 1935 to 1940: (c) 1940 to 1945; (d) 1946; (e) 1947; (f) 1948?
4. What are the names of organizations or individuals making representations during 1948 and 1949?
5. Has the government, as yet, made a decision in this matter?
6. If so, what is the decision?

Subtopic:   NOVA SCOTIA
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