March 31, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


Arthur Leroy Smith

Progressive Conservative

Mr. A. L. Smith (Calgary West):

On a question of privilege, Mr. Speaker, I ask the indulgence of the house for just a moment.
I am the bearer of good news. In this morning's paper I saw that an oil well known as Schoepp Imperial No. 1, which is just north of Edmonton in a new field, had proven 470 feet of a productive horizon, was still pouring and going on. This is not a world record, but it is approaching it. In view of the fact that from a few feet you can get a commercial oil well, members of this house can well imagine the tremendous and favourable effect of the news which has been received. In view of the fact that millions of barrels at that depth can come from one acre of ground, the house can readily understand how happy I am, and how happy everyone else should be, that that great discovery has been made.

Subtopic:   ALBERTA OIL
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