August 9, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Robert George Macpherson



When the House rose at one o'clock there was some discussion as to the location of the Hocsall river.
I may say that this river is known as the Hocsall and Ecstall, tout I believe the real name for it is the Hocsall. Possibly my hon. friend from Victoria (Mr. Hughes) would recognize it under tire euphonious name of Oxtail, which it is sometimes called. It rises above the head waters of the Kitimak river and flows north into the Skeena river, near the Balmoral cannery, just below Port Esslngton. About thirty-five miles from the mouth of the Hocsall is a tributary upon which there is a large lake, which is a favourite spawning ground for spring salmon. There is below the entrance of the lake a large log jamb, 200 feet long, 160 feet wide and 12 feet deep. I asked a report from a friend of mine, and he was strongly in favour of having that log jamb cleared out, because it makes it impossible for the spring salmon to get up to spawn, although a number of the fall salmon do get up. This is a very desirable expenditure of money.
To provide for the organization of a naval militia for Canada, $50,000.

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