March 21, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


Mr. MacKinnon: (Minister of Mines and Resources)


1. The section of the road from Field to the Monarch mine in Yoho park is kept plowed all winter. The section between the Monarch mine and Lake Louise is not kept open for travel during the winter months. It is a regular feature of maintenance of park highways to do a certain amount of snow plowing to facilitate the early drying of the roadbed which enables the spring maintenance to be carried out at an earlier date. Advantage was taken of this practice and the section between Monarch mine and Lake Louise was plowed early in March. This facilitated the removal of the household effects of the park superintendent, who had been promoted to a more senior position at Jasper park. The removal of the goods by truck actually saved considerable money, because the costs of packing and crating were avoided.
2. The cost of plowing the section from the Monarch mine to Lake Louise was $204.20.
3. As no other plowing was done on this section it was again closed and will not be open for travel until the spring maintenance work has been completed, which will probably be some time early in April.

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