August 8, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


William Rees Brock

Conservative (1867-1942)


The hon. gentleman (Mr. Alex. Johnston) is very fond of interrupting. I have never interrupted him. The Minister of Finance told us some time ago that we were on the crest of the wave of prosperity Which, however, was likely to recede. Fortunately for this government, magnificent crops, the large inflow of immigration and the kindness of Providence have kept them afloat. But the industries of this country -not the little ones, ljut the great ones with millions of money invested-are not paying Mr. BROCK.
a cent of dividend and the stock is not worth one-third of what it was. I have not observed that the Finance Minister ever pointed that out to the people. He points to his enormous revenue and the great surpluses he is piling up. But these things begin to arouse the suspicion of the people. And, when we come to resolutions like this we begin to see what the whole thing means.
1 think the Finance Minister has found out that a little protection is better than the free trade theories he expounded some years ago. He is giving us protection in small doses ; but this country is prepared for a little heroic treatment. As we have gone back, the minister must do something to help, us forward, and he will not do it by this picayune business, this dumping clause-it is only the people who do not know anything about business who believe there is anything in it. If there is dishonesty now there will be greater dishonesty under the operation of this clause. People who want to be honest and straight, and who will not do anything but what is right, will act in conformity with the law. But they would do that anyway. But as to the rogue, I defy you to check him by any such clause as this. Of course you will check some rogues, but there will be enough damage done under this clause to more than counterbalance all the benefits gained through it. As I said, the only way to meet the reasonable demands of manufacturer and consumer and of the country generally^-and the minister will find it out-is through a system of ample protection. Not by any dumping clauses, but by raising the tariff as has been done on the other side of the line in the country with which we have to compete.

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