August 8, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. LEFURGEY asked :

Conservative (1867-1942)

1. When did the contract for carrying the mail from O'Leary to West Cape expire ?
2. Were public tenders called for ?
3. What are the names of -the persons tendering ; and what was the amount of each tender ?
4. Was the lowest tender accepted ?
Hon. Sir WILLIAM MULOCK (Postmaster General.) This -service had been performed for several years by John Jelly who had shown himself an excellent contractor. His contract expired June 30, 1904. In the public interest the department was desirous of retaining his services as contractor, and inquired whether he would be prepared to renew the contract for another term at the former contract price, namely, $103.04 per annum. This he was unwilling to do, and accordingly the service was put up for tender when the late contractor -tendered, his price being $160, or $15 more than that of Mr. PREFONTAINE.
the lowest tenderer. It was deemed advisable, if possible, to retain Mr. Jelly's services, and he was again given an opportunity of retaining his contract, but upon condition of his performing it at the price of the lowest tenderer. This he ultimately decided to do, and accordingly the contract was awarded to him a-t the sum of $145 per annum.

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