August 6, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Clifford Sifton (Minister of the Interior; Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs)



The amendment to the Act of two years ago, requires that all amendments of any kind whatsoever passed by Order in Council relating to the mining regulations of the Yukon, should be in force only until the next session of parliament and should be laid upon the table of the House ; and approved of by resolution of both Houses, or otherwise they would cease to have effect at the end of the session. In pursuance of this, these orders were laid on the table of the House some weeks ago accompanied by a copy of the resolution which appears on the order paper. The Order in Council relate largely to matters of detail. The first is dated the 6th of July, 1903. The change which was made was simply to insert the words ' the rear boundary of ' in the third paragraph, section 12 of the regulations governing placer mining. That was done to remove ambiguity and tiie change was made on the recommendation of the Gold Commissioner. When the consolidated regulations prescribed the method in which a claim should be described, the persons who had claims taken under the former regulations were afraid that a strict construction of the new regulations might deprive them of a portion of their claims, and of course it was not the intention to interfere with vested rights. The next Order in Council dated the 13th of August, 1903, authorized the department to grant to Mr. Robert Henderson an entry for total frontage of 2,000 feet of available placer mining ground in the Yukon. Mr. Henderson was the original discoverer of gold in the Klondike. He was unfortunate in, losing the claims which he originally attempted to stake. There was a strong public feeling in the Yukon that some compensation should be given him and an application was made by Mr. Henderson, which was recommended by Mr. William Ogilvy, who was then commissioner, and supported by a petition from the merchants, bankers, and others, in the Yukon. An Or der in Council was passed giving this privilege to Hr. Henderson, which he has not availed himself of, apparently not having found any claim which he thinks it would pay to take up.

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