June 29, 1948 (20th Parliament, 4th Session)


Ernest George Hansell

Social Credit


What I mean is, whatever city is selected, it must be in a fairly large centre, a metropolis, for the reason that its operations are dependent largely on the talent that might be concentrated in a metropolitan area. That is why I suggested Toronto. I have no brief for Toronto. It might just as well be out in the glorious Rocky mountains where it would constitute a tourist attraction as well. At any rate I am disappointed that the government is buying the Ford hotel in Montreal for this purpose.
I would ask the minister to say whether I am right in saying that the Ford hotel, while being bought for the short-wave station, is simply a sort of cover. I do not think anyone will say that the short-wave service is so considerable that a hotel building must be provided. I do not think it is. The shortwave station, while serving a useful purpose, is in my opinion but a small part of our entire radio system in Canada, and I am inclined to think that this is one way of giving the C.B.C. something which it could not otherwise get. I am quite sure that if there were an appropriation of $2,000,000 or $3,000,000 for the C.B.C., even for a national home, there might at this time be some considerable opposition. I would not oppose that, because I am not one to oppose the spending of money. I think that is what money is for, to be spent. On the
other hand, when it is to be taken out of the pockets of the taxpayers, they want to know that they are to get something in return. I believe that this is just a suitable way of asking the people of Canada for two or three million dollars, on the basis of a short-wave service, so that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation may come in on the kill. I may not be right, and my language may be over expressive, but I think perhaps that is the situation.

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