April 29, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Wilfrid Laurier (Prime Minister; President of the Privy Council)



mittee and still not meet with the approval of the whole House, and unless the position is taken that the House of Commons is merely a registering body for the Railway Committee, such objection should not prevail against a request for further consideration of any railway measure passed by that committee.
The objection stated by the hon. member for Saskatchewan in this House last Wednesday would have been presented in the Railway Committee were it not for the fact that the time of the committee expired just when the representatives of the Canadian Pacific Railway had agreed to a certain amendment advocated by the hon. member for Selkirk (Mr. McCreary), and the committee then adjourned. There was, therefore, no opportunity then to bring forward any further amendment. The next meeting of the committee was called for the unusual hour of 10.30 instead of 11 o'clock. I am a new member, and have not had the opportunity of attending the Railway Committee before this session, but older members have told me that not for years has that committee been called together before 11 o'clock. Had it not been for the unusual time of meeting, the objection I am about to -present would have been stated to and threshed out before the committee, and in view of the fact that it is merely due to an accident that the matter was not brought before the committee, I think I am perfectly in order in asking its consideration now by the House. What the members from the North-west ask is, not to have any further amendment inserted in the Bill. What we ask is quite in spirit with what was asked by the hon. member for Selkirk, and of the amendment adopted by the Railway Committee at his suggestion. The Canadian Pacific Railway are asking for power to construct 100 miles from Teuton north-westward to the narrows of Lake Manitoba. Before the committee, the hon. member for Selkirk contended that before granting that charter, the company should be compelled to consent to build a certain portion of another branch into another district.

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