April 29, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Thomas Walter Scott



When the House went into committee on this Bill on Wednesdey evening, the hon. member for Saskatchewan (Mr. Davis) asked that it be allowed to stand over, and gave his reasons for his request. He stated that intimation had been received from the Canadian Pacific Railway that before this Bill was put 'through the House, they would agree to build this year sixty miles of the line known as the Great North-west- Central, westward from Brandon. Objection was taken to that course, and to the remarks of the hon. member for Saskatchewan. That hon. gentleman is not present, and I wish to1 ask if the promoter (Mr. Fortin) is prepared to state here whether the Canadian Pacific Railway Company are prepared to consent to such an agree ment. One objection taken to the request that further consideration be postponed, was that the Bill had been adopted by the Railway Committee. It seems to me that such an objection is not well taken. I can quite conceive that a railway Bill might be adopted unanimously by the Railway Corn-

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