August 5, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Joseph-Édouard-Émile Léonard

Conservative (1867-1942)


(Translation.) That motion was negatived. We were asking in that motion that the word 4 shall ' should be substituted to the word 4 may,' in order that the minister should be compelled to cancel the licenses delivered to parties who like the American trust would be inclined to monopolize the tobacco trade.
Mr. Speaker, I may say in conclusion that I hope the House will pass this Bill. Although it is not perfect, as I have already said, we are, however, willing to give it a fair trial. As my hon. friend from Jacques Cartier (Mr. Monk) said yesterday, we shall always be at liberty to amend it next year if its application does not give full satisfaction.
Resolution read a second time, and agreed to.
Mr. BRODEUR moved for leave to introduce Bill (No. 168) to amend the Inland Revenue Act.

Topic:   B. S. HOOEY.
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