August 5, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Joseph-Édouard-Émile Léonard

Conservative (1867-1942)


(Translation.) Mr. Speaker, I do not wish to prolong the discussion on this Bill, because I am strongly in favour of the resolutions introduced by the hon. Minister of Inland Revenue. If the hon. member for Cornwall and Stormont (Mr. Pringle) had been here yesterday, he would not have taken the floor to-day in order to make the speech he has just delivered. Every one of the good arguments he has brought was uttered and repeated yesterday by hon. members on this side of the House ; nevertheless, we all declared our-

selves in favour of the minister's resolution. And when my hon. colleague from Cornwall and Stormont comes here and complains of the fact that these resolutions have been introduced too late to be discussed freely ; when he comes and delivers himself of a one hour and a half speech, keeping us here uselessly, when the whole country, the tobacco growers, merchants and consumers are all in favour of this law being passed, he will allow me to tell him that he speaks more like a learned lawyer representing some client than like a member of this House.
I shall not detain the House any longer. Although this Bill is not perfect, as my hon. friend from Jacques Cartier (Mr. Monk) said yesterday, I hope

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