August 4, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Robert Holmes



I heartily endorse the remarks made by my hon. friend from Huntingdon (Mr. Maclaren) I endorse the proposition now before the House, but I must express my regret that it was found necessary to slaughter the cigarette Bill this session. I am a believer and I am glad to be able to affirm my belief, in the absolute prohibition of the manufacture and importation of cigarettes. The figures quoted by the hon. member for Huntingdon ought in themselves be sufficient to convince this parliament of the * urgent necessity at as early a date as possible, of passing legisla-Mr. GALLIHER.
tion which would be effective in preventing the cigarette evil in Canada. The enormous increase in the sale of cigarettes, which is very largely to the youth of the land, should convince this parliament that no legislation would meet with more general favour-by moralists at any rate, and also by other classes in the community-than the prohibition of dealing in cigarettes. I am as anxious as any one else to get away from here, and I shall therefore conclude by strongly endorsing the remarks of my hon. friend (Mr. Maclaren). I trust that no matter what government may be in power in the future, steps will be taken to overcome the cigarette evil which is so far-reaching and disastrous in its consequences.

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