May 31, 1948 (20th Parliament, 4th Session)


Jean-François Pouliot

Independent Liberal


With your permission, Mr. Speaker,
I should like to say that I was at the Canadian international trade fair, at which I saw you and many of our colleagues in the queen city of the hon. members for Broadview and Davenport. This international trade fair is something to see, because it shows the progress that Canadian industry lias made. Exhibits from all over the world are on display. I hope that Canadians will take advantage of it to see for themselves, as we have done, the evidences there of the unbelievable progress that has been made by our industry.
May I say that the international trade fair will do more to promote Canadian trade throughout the world than any multilateral agreements concocted at Geneva and signed or amended at Havana or anywhere else. This is the sound practice of trade as exemplified by Abraham, by Jacob, and by Job after he became rich again-display; let people see what we have to sell. It is pure common sense. The practice of trade is ancient but it is not too old and odd, because it is based on common sense and the-practice of the centuries. *
Just one more word, Mr. Speaker; yesterday morning after attending church I was surprised to find that I had nothing to do in the city of Toronto, so I walked along the streets and admired the displays. I wish to congratulate especially the Robert Simpson company upon their magnificent display advertising the international trade fair. The way was paved by the former Minister of Trade and Commerce (Mr. MacKinnon)- the genial minister who sits near me-and his successor in office (Mr. Howe), who understand the importance of this matter; it is so important that it cannot be overlooked by any one of us. Therefore I was happy to
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see you there, Mr. Speaker, as the first commoner, as well as many others who are our colleagues and friends. They did well to go to the fair, and I hope that their example will be followed by many for the benefit of the country at large.

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