May 28, 1948 (20th Parliament, 4th Session)


Robert Earle Drope

Progressive Conservative


Thank you very much, and I also wish to thank -the Chairman for his courtesy and to assure him that we make good progress when he is in the chair.
My question was in regard to the marketing of cheese. Is it the intention to requisition cheese for overseas shipment this year? We were interested in the announcement the minister made this afternoon concerning that other great dairy product, butter. It appears doubtful whether this country will have enough butter next winter, with the low price announced today, which I think will have a tendency to discourage production. We have to bear in mind that our population is increasing in this country, and it is questionable whether we can go on exporting dairy products fox any length of time and still have enough left for the home market. We know the tremendous shortage of butter that we experienced last winter and the great demand by consumers for a subsidy. I would hope that the policy of the government will not lead us into that position another year. At

least the ceiling should be taken off butter at the present time. Would the minister make a statement on that?

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