May 28, 1948 (20th Parliament, 4th Session)


James Garfield Gardiner (Minister of Agriculture)



We are spending the money and that is exactly the point of view I took with the provinces. I said, "If you are going to delay expenditures I do not think anyone here is going to insist that we spend money in the province". This is doing work
Supply-A griculture

which, according to the discussions we have been having, is really the constitutional responsibility of the province. We are prepared to drop that and do the job up to a point. So far as we are concerned in this department, we have our troubles in getting money. We have to discuss the matter with the Minister of Finance, with the whole council and with all those who are interested in the matter. We have our own difficulties the same as any department has in getting the amount of money which we think ought to be expended. If the provinces are going to say, "We do not want it expended," that will make it more difficult. But I think you will find as you go along that the provinces will expedite it. I do not think there is any occasion for setting up hypothetical cases and saying they will not.

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