May 28, 1948 (20th Parliament, 4th Session)


George Alexander Cruickshank



I think hon. members will bear me out when I say that I was not offering criticism generall}'. I am talking about the present national emergency, though I may say that I shall have a good deal to say about the minister's department and other departments as well. There are things he should do that he has not done. However, I was speaking of the emergency. What I am trying to do is to impress upon the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of National Defence the importance of this question, and the urgency of the situation. The Minister of National Defence has a very large camp in that particular area. There is also situated there the second best airport in the dominion, and I was trying to impress upon the ministers that this is a national emergency which must be considered by the government as such. I entirely disagree with the Minister of Public Works in his interpretation of the facts relating to this condition. I repeat, it is a national emergency and as such it must be considered at once by the government. So far as the estimates of the Minister of Agriculture are concerned, they do not amount to two bits compared to this question.
I know that the Minister of Agriculture wants to get away to some other area-I do not know for what purpose-but at the same time I must urge upon him the importance of dealing with this situation. I am not depreciating the marshlands of the maritimes, but that is something that can wait until tomorrow. There is no need to rush it through while the whole Pacific coast is in danger. I deprecate the idea of rushing estimates through when not only the economy of the dominion but lives are at stake.

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