May 28, 1948 (20th Parliament, 4th Session)


Edmund Davie Fulton

Progressive Conservative


I appreciate the point that you have made, Mr. Chairman, and also the remarks of the minister, and I will conclude briefly along the lines you have suggested.
I would point out that to some extent this emergency is aggravated by the conduct of the Department of Fisheries in blowing up a dam without regard to the representations made by farmers and others familiar with the conditions in the district. I would point out further, while I am not going to go into any further details regarding the general approach to the question, that this matter is so serious that we must immediately take steps to prevent a recurrence of these conditions. In my opinion the Minister of Public Works is and should be interested in these measures, because the rivers to which I refer are navigable, and I have a direct interest in the flood conditions in that province because there will be floods in my own constituency this year. They are starting now. Though they are not yet as serious as they are in the Fraser valley, nevertheless they are developing and we fear they may become very serious. I hope therefore that
[The Deputy Chairman.]
the three ministers, of agriculture, fisheries and public works, will, in conjunction with our own departments in the province, send their officials to our area; and while taking steps to relieve the present emergency they should, I suggest, bear in mind details in connection with a long-range program such as I have spoken of. I have urged such a program for the past two years and I think it should be implemented. Incidentally, I know that the ministers in British Columbia are in general in accord with a project along the lines that I have suggested.

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