March 10, 1948 (20th Parliament, 4th Session)


James MacKerras Macdonnell

Progressive Conservative

Mr. MACDONNELL (Muskoka-Ontario):

That brings us back to the minister's point of the current account surplus, with which I agree, but it does not necessarily mean that that is the way to get it. Therefore I think
we on this side are entitled to look critically at this bill. I believe the minister in his heart must recognize the fact that it is extremely difficult to understand it because it seems to go off in four directions. This measure originally came to us as a means of saving United States exchange and I think we are entitled to have some idea of how much United States exchange has been saved. We are also entitled to know-this may be more difficult to get-how much our own purchases have been cut down.
It is perfectly open to all of us to say that this is not the best way of doing this. Certainly there seem to be a great many flaws in it. Certainly it seems as though the people who are singled out here to make a sacrifice are not the people who should necessarily make it.
Progress reported.

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