March 10, 1948 (20th Parliament, 4th Session)


James MacKerras Macdonnell

Progressive Conservative

Mr. MACDONNELL (Muskoka-Ontario):

Like the hon. member for Dufferin-Simcoe, I agree with the minister when he says that if we are to do what I am sure everyone wants to do, that is not only live ourselves but help to meet the needs of others, we must have an over-all current account surplus. But that does not commend this taxation. I might just remark in passing, without labouring the point, that there are certain other measures which we think the government might have adopted but which they have decided not to adopt. Therefore we are forced back on this measure.
As I pointed out last night, and I do not intend to labour it further, this measure really has four aspects. The saving in United States exchange which it is hoped to achieve may be quite trifling, Along with the hon. member for Moose Jaw, I think we must have some idea of the amount involved before we can reach any intelligent judgment on the bill. Like the hon. member, I hope the minister will give us a breakdown, not only as to what we might be saving in United States exchange but other details as well. As I read the minister's speech of last December, the only sawing in United States exchange that we shall make is the saving of United States parts of Canadian articles which are being kept out.

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