March 10, 1948 (20th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. MAYBANK: (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of National Health and Welfare)


1. Specific requests from the provinces have been for (a) advice on choosing a site for a mental hospital, and a general over-all plan for such an institution; (b) preliminary planning of provincial health clinics, laboratories and offices; and (c) consultation on specific small hospital plans; in short, the provinces have been requesting a consultation service.
2. Yes, by the Catholic Hospital Council of Canada, the Grenfell Labrador medical mission, individual hospital boards and certain architectural firms.
3. No. To date, assistance has only been requested by and given to other divisions of ths Department of National Health and Welfare, namely the civil service health division, child and maternal health division, research division, Indian health services directorate, laboratory of hygiene, quarantine immigration medical services and treatment of sick mariners, and the food and drugs divisions.
4. Yes. At the request of the provincial health departments five articles have been produced on various aspects of hospital construction. These, as well as copies of articles and reports from other countries, have been circulated to the provinces.

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