March 10, 1948 (20th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. GARDINER: (Minister of Agriculture)


1. Mr. J. G. Taggart; Mr. Erie Kitchen; Mr. J. A. Proulx.
2. Yes.
3. Mr. J. G. Taggart is director-in-chief, agricultural services, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa.
Mr. J. A. Proulx is chief officer for the Canadian farm loan board in the province of Quebec.
4. The board reports to the minister.
5. No.
6. No commodity boards have been set up under the authority of the agricultural prices

support board. Commodity boards originally set up under the authority of the War Measures Act and continued under the National Emergency Transitional Powers Act, 1945, and the Agricultural Products Act are available to act as agents for the agricultural prices support board.
7. See answer to 6.
8. Yes.
9. H. H. Hannam, president, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Ottawa-chairman.
J. B. Munro, deputy minister of agriculture for B.C., Victoria, B.C.
E. J. Chambers, president, Associated Growers of British Columbia, Vernon, B.C.
0. S. Longman, deputy minister of agriculture for Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.
L. E. Pharris, director of the A.F.U. and A.F.A., Magrath, Alberta.
M. E. Hartnett, deputy minister of agriculture for Saskatchewan, Regina, Sask.
George Wright, president of U.F.C., and president of Sask. Federation of Agriculture, Borden, Sask.
W. J. Parker, president, Manitoba Pool Elevators Ltd., Winnipeg, Man.
F. W. Downing, manager, Canadian Live Stock Co-operative (Western) Limited, St. Boniface, Man.
C. D. Graham, deputy minister of agriculture for Ontario, Toronto, Ont.
B. B. Warnica, vice-president, Ontario Beef Cattle Producers Association, Barrie, Ont.
J. A. Marion, president, Quebec Chamber of Agriculture, Montreal, P.Q.
Henri Dubord, department of agriculture, Quebec, P.Q.
J. K. King, deputy minister of agriculture for N.B., Fredericton, N.B.
Harry Crandlemire, director of N.B. Potato Growers' Council, Gordonsville, N.B.
F. W. Walsh, deputy minister of agriculture for NJ3., Halifax, N.S.
W. R. Shaw, deputy minister of agriculture for P.E.I., Charlottetown, P.E.I.
10. Two meetings: April 15-17, 1947, and October 29-31, 1947.

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