February 2, 1948 (20th Parliament, 4th Session)


Joseph-Arthur Bradette



They talk about subsidies. May I repeat that I could outdo the C.C.F. party on that point; I could ask the government to spend a quarter of a billion dollars to subsidize shoes, to subsidize shirts, to subsidize hats-to subsidize ladies' long skirts, if you please-all the known commodities. It is all right for them to talk that way, but those things are all commodities. There are practically no luxuries today. Take even the case of automobiles; who will say from the C.C.F. group on the other side of the house that automobiles for the miners, the farmers or the lumber operators in my section of the country, in the bush section, are a luxury for those people? Why not pay $500 or $600 as subsidies on automobiles, or as subsidies on refrigerators, on radios, on building material?

Topic:   FEBllUARY 2, 1948
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