February 2, 1948 (20th Parliament, 4th Session)


Joseph-Arthur Bradette



This afternoon the
C.C.F. party said it was a better distribution of the cost they wanted. Let. me take as a typical example the city of Ottawa. Suppose we put back the subsidy on milk. At least ten per cent of the subsidy would be paid to big hotels, restaurants and eating houses. From a quart of milk, on which the government subsidized them, they would get an average of four glasses. If I am not mistaken they will charge five, cents for the glass of milk. Is that proper subsidizing? Who will tell me-and no one will challenge this fact; I throw the challenge to any member in this parliament-that the cost of milk at 17. 18. or 20 cents to the consumer is too high?

Topic:   FEBllUARY 2, 1948
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